Online Registration - $500 Annual fee
(over 20 000 dance studios are using DanceEra)

- Unlimited Data Usage for competitions and conventions
- Secure Server SSL
- Multi Discounts % (automatically shut down on due date)
- Coupons (flat fee, or saving per dancer)
- Pricing (may very per location)
- Age (automatic age configuration)
- Deadline Automatically Cut-off
- Extended Routine Time (custom settings)
- Donation Trophies For Charity (custom settings)
- Solo Title (multi routines)
- Photogenic (ability to upload pictures)
- MP3 (music upload, error message if file not compatible)
- Event Info (notes for each event, include PDF upload)
- Waver Release Form

Schedule Builder- Included with Online Registraion

- Edit, Add or Remove Routines (no need to login as studio)
- Trophies, Medals & Ribbons Count Report
- Custom Routine Export For Your Program
- Studio Partial Payment
- Conflicts Alert (up to 10 routines)
- Labels Printout
- Share Schedule with Owners, Teachers & Dancers
- Auto Or Manual - fill time and routine numbers
- Multi Stages/Sessions Ability
- Auto MP3 Format (music download in the order to play)
- Custom Reports

Scoring & Video Critiques

- Technical Support (included weekends)
- Unlimited Judges
- Full Judges Info (name of routine, age, style, level)
- Live Video For Judges (perfect for large group)
- Judge Control (each judge start & stop video recording) No more cut-off video critiques
- Live Schedule (lobby, backstage schedule display)
- Awards Report (by the schedule in the program,or from highest to lowest, or from live performance on the stage)
- Video Critiques and Awards Ready to Give At Event
- Awards Report Tablets Ready (read awards from tablets)
- Windows 10 and down, Mac OS Compatible
- Online Upload (send video critiques and results to studios and dancers can view their result and view video critiques once approved by studio. Requires hosting plan or server at your office)
- Set-up fee $1500

Photo & Video System

- Technical Support (included weekends)
- Pictures and videos are available to view in lobby less then one minute after routine
- Each station in the lobby can complete an order independently (No shorting pictures and videos for each order)
- Sales reports
- Customers can view and pre order from their smart phone, Ipod, tablet and laptop
- Totally paper-less system
- Customers can create a shopping cart and return to it at any time
- Video preview ability
- Online store (sell photo and video online, promoted on DanceEra. Requires hosting plan or server at your office)
- Set-up fee $1500
- Usage cost $2 per routine

Store Online

- Sell your dance-wear online

Contact DanceEra for more information

Mobile Apps

- Live Video & Schedule
- Messenger/Announcement
- Event manager
- Audience voting ability
- Search 100`s of competition and convention dates
- No cost for download, or usage